2 Tips for Easily Accessing Your Possessions after Placement in a Storage Unit

No matter if you need a storage unit because you are trimming down the clutter in your home or moving into a smaller residence, you may find that you will need to retrieve items while they are in storage. Without proper planning when you first place items in the unit, you may find it difficult to locate exactly what you need.

However, thinking ahead and identifying potential items that you may need can help to save you time and frustration when it comes time to get them. Use the tips below to help ensure that you can easily access your possessions after placing them in long-term storage

1.  Store Any Items You Believe You Will Need Last 

One way you can make things easier on yourself when it comes time to get needed items out of the storage unit is to plan when and where you place them. Once you have identified which items you believe that you will need, place them aside and store them in the unit last.

Placing the items into the unit last will bring them to the front near the door. You can also take this a step further and put everything in the same location, such as directly in the middle or to either side near the wall. 

2.  Position Boxes So That Labels Are Facing the Unit's Door

Once you have placed the items aside that you feel that you will need before you place everything in storage, the next thing you should do is gather them into boxes. Once you have done this, place labels on one side of each box, being as detailed as possible to know exactly what is inside.

After putting the labels on the boxes, position the boxes so that the labels face the unit's door. Or, if you create a pathway in front of the boxes, position them so that you can easily read the labels. This will keep you from having to move and open boxes in an attempt to find a small item that you need.

If you need to store many of your possessions in a storage unit, planning ahead and using the tips above can help make things easier if and when you need to retrieve an item in the interim. If not, you may find yourself having to rummage through boxes and bags while climbing over furniture. For more tips on how to simplify the process of storing your items, speak with a representative with a storage unit facility near you.