Two steps to take when organising your new home

If you've just moved into a house, here are some steps to take when you're setting it up and organising it.

Put items that you use occasionally into storage immediately

Almost everyone owns items that they use occasionally. These might include seasonal decorations, as well as skiing items and certain types of gardening equipment. You should not unpack these but should instead leave these items in their boxes and send them straight to a storage unit.

The period just after you've moved is the perfect time to do this, as the items in question will still be boxed up and will (hopefully) be labelled and neatly organised inside their containers. As such, when you take them to the storage unit, you won't have to sort through them and pack them up before putting them inside it (items in storage units should always be carefully packed and labelled so you can quickly find whatever you need during future visits).

If you do this, you won't end up creating overstuffed areas in the garage, loft space or hallway cupboard of your new home. This is important, as if you get off to a bad start with regards to organising your new home, you'll find it more difficult to stay on top of the clutter and keep everything neat and tidy as time goes on.

Don't buy anything until you've unpacked and put away or displayed all of your things

The other tip you should follow is not to buy anything until you've unpacked absolutely everything and have finished putting away or displaying your belongings. The reason for this is that if, when packing your items, you did things such as pouring the contents of drawers into boxes or piling cushions, throws and blankets into plastic bags without looking at individual items, you may have forgotten that you already own the specific object that you think you need to buy for your new home. By unpacking before making any purchases, you can avoid buying items you don't need and filling your home with clutter that will lead to it becoming disorganised.

You may even discover surplus items (such as extra throws or duvet cover sets) that you don't currently require that you can put into the storage unit you placed your 'occasional use' items into. This could provide you with some extra free space in your home that you can use to better organise the items that you do need to use regularly.