How To Choose A Self Storage Unit For Your Business

The cost of renting commercial office space has been increasing over the last few years. Most business owners are often concerned when they need to expand their office space to accommodate their storage needs and reduce office clutter. Self-storage facilities are an instant solution to business owners that require extra storage space. The facilities are affordable, convenient and are a permanent solution to limited storage space. 

So, how do you choose a self-storage facility for your business? Below are some essential tips. 


It is a vital consideration since you would want a facility as close to your business as possible. Remember, you could need to pick up items or take things to the storage unit. The self-storage facility should have a good access road to ensure it is accessible throughout the year. Additionally, it should have adequate security and operate 24/7.  

Available Units

The available self-storage units should be ideal for your business. For example, you could be interested in the size if you have a lot of items. Besides, you would want climate control to protect documents and furniture from humid conditions.  


Below are some essential services that can add value to your business: 

  • Some self-storage facilities will offer transport services to ensure you have an easy time moving items to the storage unit. These services could be free or discounted.
  • Consider storage facilities that have skilled personnel to help you organise your things inside the unit.
  • Does the storage facility have extra amenities? It could be a conference room, co-working space or long term parking. Your business could benefit from these amenities.
  • Some storage facilities offer full-service storage. They will pick items from your office, take them to the unit and deliver items to your premises at your request. 


Compare the rates of various companies to comprehend the industry prices. Ideally, you should ask the company to break down their rental charges to ensure you know the extra charges. For instance, some companies could charge for utilities such as water, power and electricity. Some storage companies will have attractive offers for first-time customers that require long term storage. For example, they could heavily discount your rental charges for the first six months. 

Remember to assess the terms of engagement. For example, inquire whether the company has an insurance policy to protect your items from fire, theft or flood damage. Additionally, inquire what items are prohibited in the facility. For instance, some companies will restrict you from storing weapons and drugs in the unit.