Professional Packers - What to Expect

When you're moving home, it is sometimes necessary to put some of your possessions in temporary storage until your main move is complete. Packing is a very time-consuming process, which you might prefer to leave to your removalist or professional packer, freeing you up to deal with other aspects of your relocation. So, what are the advantages of asking a professional to pack your stuff for you? Removals staff members are trained to wrap items carefully and to pack them by specific placement to protect them in transit. [Read More]

How to Maximise Your Storage Space When Packing Household Items into a Self-Storage Unit

If you need somewhere to put away all the unused stuff cluttering your house, a storage solutions service can provide you with a self-storage unit of whichever size you require. That's just the first and easy part. The remaining part is that you have to pack your belongings inside the unit in a manner that maximises the available space, and this is something that most new storage unit users do not know how to do. [Read More]