Move Heavy Furniture Without Breaking Your Back!

When it comes to furniture removal, there is a major risk of back damage. Those who work in the industry are trained to make sure they reduce their risk of injury, but if you're moving furniture yourself, you may not know where to start. Whether you are moving home or rearranging a home office, you'll need to follow these tips to move heavy furniture so you don't break your back.

One Carry High, One Carry Low

If you have large items to move, you'll need two people to carry them. Make sure you balance the weight properly. One person needs to carry from the bottom, and the other needs to carry from the top so the furniture sits on an angle. This way, the furniture won't swing out or sideways because the weight is centred.

This method of carrying is extremely beneficial when going up and down the stairs. Work with the angling of the stairs, so the person at the top carries from the bottom and vice versa.

Use Blankets to Protect Belongings

Furniture-removal firms will always protect your belongings through the use of furniture blankets. Heavy furniture scratches and dents the walls, door frames and anything else it connects with during the move. If you don't have furniture blankets, use your own blankets, comforters and even duvets to pad out the heavier items.

Blankets also help to prevent friction again carpets and other flooring while protecting lino and tiles from scratches when you slide items across. If you're just moving into a different room or around a room, place the heavier items on top of a blanket and slide across rooms.

Use the Slide Technique

Sliding is a powerful way to get heavy furniture moved without injury. Of course, sliding isn't always going to be an option, but do use it as much as possible. If the items keep getting caught, slide a little at a time but be careful of damage to the flooring.

When moving up and down stairs, sliding is a necessity for many of the larger items. You're less likely to fall when sliding rather than carrying since you're not as likely to miss a step. It is possible to get plastic sheets for sliding for your furniture removal needs.

Avoid Bending at the Back

This is the most common piece of advice when it comes to moving heavy furniture. The back is weak. You want to use the stronger legs to do all the heavy lifting. This is the first lesson all professional movers learn when it comes to lifting anything heavy.

Shoulder straps are excellent investments if you're going to do a lot of moving. The straps allow you to pick items up without bending, and the contraption takes most of the weight. Plus, if you accidentally lose your grip, then the items won't fall on your toes!

Follow the advice from the professionals. Furniture removal needs to be completed carefully to avoid injury. Think about the item and consider whether sliding is going to be a better option, and find ways to strengthen your grip.