Simple But Essential Tips to Make Moving Day Much Easier On You!

Moving to a new home may sound fun and exciting, but of course it can easily become stressful once moving day actually arrives. Very often the planning you put into your move can alleviate some of that stress, and a few simple things you do in the days leading up to your move can also make it easier on you and the whole family. Note a few simple but essential moving tips to make the day much easier on everyone.


It might be common for homeowners to have their utilities switched off the day of the move, but it might be better to have at least your electricity and cable television on during moving day. Remember that you might still want to run the refrigerator to keep cold beverages and snacks for the day, and you'll also need hot water for your morning showers. It might also be good to have the kids sit in the back of the house or their own room, watching TV, during most of the move so that they're not underfoot.


You may want to do some cleaning of your home or apartment once it's emptied, so set aside a few cleaning supplies rather than packing them. A bucket with cleansers and scrub brushes along with rubber gloves can be sufficient, and have your removalists pack your vacuum cleaner last so you can give the carpets one last sweep before you go. This can be especially important for apartment dwellers, if you risk losing a cleaning deposit after your move.


Always check the owner's manual for any special instructions on how to prepare large appliances for a move. This might mean emptying the drain pan of a refrigerator or securing the tub inside a washing machine. Your furniture removalists may be able to offer some suggestions for keeping these pieces secure while in transit.

Make an essentials box

An essentials box is the first one you open when you arrive in your new home, to get you through your first night and the next morning. It might include your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shaving items, makeup and skincare products, and hand soap, as well as toilet tissue for the bathroom. You might also include simple items you can have for breakfast the day after your move and before you can grocery shop, such as granola bars or trail mix. Mark this box accordingly and be sure you know where it is so you can easily access it your first night in your new home.