Customizing Your Shipping Container

Custom shipping containers are built in a basic design, so they can be transformed to fulfill many different needs that expand from the scope of simply storing materials. If you will be storing goods or using the container as a living space, you should consider looking into these easy modification ideas.

Cold Weather

If your possessions are to be stored throughout the cold weather, you need to consider a few different customisation steps to your basic shipping container. You may want to insulate the container so as to protect any sensitive possessions from becoming overly cold. This insulation can come in several different forms; however, the most popular is foam, which can be applied in several different ways. There is spray-on foam, which is non-removable once applied to the container. Secondly, there is foam board insulation. This is a bit sturdier and could potentially be removed should you decide you no longer wish to have it.


You may wish to change the appearance of your custom shipping containers. Several things can be done to complete this. First of all, paint can make a big difference. Just changing the color can make your shipping container distinctive from others. Secondly, you can have decals applied to your shipping container. These decals can be a logo of some sort or a name; anything you can think of can be put on the shipping container to customise its appearance.


You can choose to add wall dividers to make separate spaces within the container. This can be helpful if you are storing goods from several individuals in one space. You can also use this service of customisation to make your shipping container a living space.

Make It a Building

Shipping containers can be an inexpensive way to create a building. You can choose to have several containers forged together or wall divisions put in as discussed earlier. You can also customise your shipping container paneling the walls. This can serve either to simply give the walls more insulation or to give the building a bit of sound insulation so the noises do not bump around echoing. Last of all, the most important choice when making it a building, you can choose to add windows and doors. You can make a whole wall glass if that is what works for you, or you can choose to have minimal natural light. The purpose of your building will help you decide about the building features. Some buildings or homes that have been made from these containers are quite breath-taking.

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