Moving House With Asthma: Tips To Make Sure You Don't Trigger An Attack

Moving house is a taxing chore for even the most able-bodied person, but as someone who suffers from asthma, your house move is one that needs to be carefully thought out before you begin. Since you have not had to move house on your own before, use these two tips to make sure the shift is one that is a raging success rather than one that puts you into a hospital.

Asthma And Heavy Lifting

When moving house, all of your furniture obviously goes with you, and this means it needs to get onto the moving truck. The problem with the idea of you being involved in this process is that lifting heavy objects could trigger an asthma attack.

An asthma attack that occurs during heavy lifting is the same as one that takes place while exercising. Once you start putting your body under the stress of lifting, you will begin to breathe through your mouth. Because cold air is coming straight into your airways rather than being warmed through your nose first, your asthma-prone airway will quickly contract, and that will leave you gasping for air.

To avoid an asthma attack, allow professional removalists to do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Asthma And Disturbed Dust

The second problem you are going to face is when the furniture starts being removed from the house to be put on the truck. Every time a piece is shifted, collected dust both on and under the furniture is going to start swirling through the air. It does not matter how clean you have kept your belongings in the past, there is still dust and dust mites trapped under your furniture.

The best way to avoid this swirling mist of tiny debris particles from entering your airways is not to be home while the removal company is doing the truck loading. If you have a best friend or family member who can supervise the truck loading for you, consider asking them to do so. If there is no-one available that you trust, speak to your chemist about the best type of facial mask you can wear while the loading is being done. A mask will reduce the amount of particles that get into your body through the mouth and nose, and will reduce the chances of an asthma attack taking place.

By keeping your asthma in mind as you make your moving arrangements, you can ensure there is little impact on your health as you transition over to your new home.