How to Plan Your Move and DIY

If you want to move from one home to another or from one office to another, you may want to involve the services of a removalist. However, you can use a checklist to plan your move from up to a month before your moving container gets there. It will be cheaper to do it yourself and this way, you can make sure that you have packed everything you need.

4 Weeks Prior

Ensure that you have gone through your moving checklist in order to acquaint yourself with all that you need to do before the month runs out. Use a labeling machine to put labels on your moving boxes according to room. Try and get rid of the hoarded items you have that you never use. Then start by packing all the things that you hardly use. Additionally, you should start consuming all the food you have stored in your freezer to avoid wastage.

2 Weeks Prior

Ensure that you visit your post office and change your home or office address from the current one to the new one. Do the same with your insurance company, your bank and any other firm that sends you bills or regular mail. Bills have to be paid after all. Set up the internet at your new home or office as well as your phone. It's important to do this before moving in order to avoid the inconveniences that come with doing it after having already moved. Ensure that you disconnect the phone and internet at your current address to avoid stacked up bills.

1 Week Prior

It's time to get rid of all the things that you don't use. This is to reduce the amount of things you are going to carry and also to avoid cluttering up your new place. Make sure that you send your pets to a friend's place to prevent them from disappearing on moving day. Additionally, get rid of all the spoiled food in your fridge, the out of date medicine in your cabinets as well as cleaning products. If you have been receiving services regularly such as newspaper deliveries and cleaning services, be sure to cancel them.

Moving Day!

Make sure that you haven't packed any essentials such as your phone or your wallet. Keep a rubbish bag nearby and some toilet paper. Additionally, ensure that you keep the things you will need that first night in a box that you can easily access.