Storing Fiberglass Boats Over The Winter: 2 FAQs

Fiberglass is among the toughest materials used in boat fabrication. This helps to explain why fiberglass boats often cost more than boats made of other materials.

When winter is just around the corner, it is important for fiberglass boat owners to acquaint themselves with the basics of proper winter storage for their pricey investments. Discussed herein are answers to two common questions that a first-time boat owner may have about winter storage for fiberglass boats.

Wet (Marine) Or Dry (On-Land) Boat Storage?

This is often the first question that first-time boat owners have about winter storage for fiberglass boats. In reality, the choice between wet and dry storage is one based on personal preference in accordance with the individual's situation.

Many times, dry winter storage is preferred for fiberglass boats. Top on the list of reasons for this preference is the fact that dry storage allows the boat an opportunity to dry out. Drying out eliminates the possibility of water penetrating through the fiberglass laminate of the boat. This penetration is often responsible for the occurrence of blisters on fiberglass boats. The cost of blister repair or restoration can be prohibitive, thus the need to actively prevent occurrence of the same.

Despite the wider preference for dry boat storage, there are various advantages associated with wet storage. For example, wet boat storage reduces the vulnerability of the fiberglass boat to the risk of sudden freezing. This is because water has better heat retention than air. Consequently, a fiberglass boat surrounded by air is more likely to freeze due to the accumulation of snow. Wet storage also provides the convenience of immediate access whenever the owner wishes to take the boat out for a ride.

Are Custom-Cradles Worth The Extra Cost?

Custom cradles are commonly used in both wet and dry storage of fiberglass boats. The use of custom cradles is often more expensive than the use of boat stands and/ or boat lifts.

Custom fiberglass boat cradles are designed with specific boat components in mind. Thus, they are able to provide much-needed structural support for individual boat components such as the engine and bulkheads. The extra support serves to prevent misalignment between the engine and its shaft.

However, fiberglass boat owners who may wish to invest in custom cradles should ensure that they have adequate space for cradle installation.

For answers to more questions on winter storage for fiberglass boats, get in touch with the nearest boat storage facility.