Protecting Items in Storage

You might be in need of a personal storage unit if you are going to be relocating or if you have items in your home that you no longer have any room for. There are many reasons why storage is required, but the main priority when storing your items is protection. You want all the items that you store to be safe and to return in the same condition that they were in when placed in storage. Protecting items that are placed in storage requires you to take a few preventative measures to prepare the items, but also to consider insuring your possessions.

Preparing Floor

It is always recommended that you pack a storage unit with organisation and protection in mind. This means that before any furniture is placed on the ground in the storage unit, you should put plastic down. This will allow for a barrier to be between the ground and furniture to lessen the amount of dirt that comes into contact with furniture items.

Box and Itemise

Once you have prepared the flooring of your storage unit, you can then begin boxing and categorisng all items that you want to store. All belongings should be packed into some type of box, and you should create a list of all items within the storage unit and their location. This will enable you to know exactly what should be present when you unpack the unit at a later time.

Rust and Moisture Damage Prevention

It is also important that you take measures to prevent against damage for specific types of items you will be storing. Many items like bikes, tools and some appliances can be at risk of rust or damage if left sitting for long periods of time. Preventing against rust should be done with all tools and bikes through the application of rust protector. You can apply the rust protector directly to the parts on bicycles and tools that are most prone to rusting. Appliances like refrigerators and freezers should be dried out completely before they are stored, which will prevent against damage due to moisture.


Many people assume that the property owners cover items stored within storage units, but this is not the case. Storage facilities are not liable for loss or damage if you do not have any type of insurance. This means that you need to be informed of your storage insurance options. Storage insurance will allow for optimal levels of protection for your possessions.

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