Box Bonanza! How to Get the Most out of Boxes When Moving

When moving house, it can be a good idea to get rid of old things that you might no longer need. But don't get rid of any old boxes you might have at home! In fact, you will probably need to ask around and find as many boxes as possible, since moving would be impossible without the humble box. Here are some ways to get the most out of your packing boxes from a company like MB Traders International.

Do You Actually Need to Find Boxes?

Don't go to the trouble of finding boxes if you don't have to. Your moving company might provide packing boxes for a small additional charge. They will drop them off a few days before moving day so you can get started. This is usually much easier than sourcing boxes yourself.

Give Yourself a Hand (Grip)

If you've collected a selection of old boxes yourself (supermarkets are a good place to look), it can make the job easier if you convert these into actual moving boxes. Just carefully cut some hand grips into the top section of the box, using a sharp utility knife. It's far more convenient than trying to get a grip on the box from its base.

Add Some Strength

When using old boxes that have already been used to ship other products, you might wish to reinforce them. Just apply a layer of strong gaffer tape over the seams on the base of the box, which will greatly strengthen it. If you discard the boxes after your move, be sure to remove this tape before you put the boxes into your recycling bin.

A Box Is Not Always Best

Boxes are not always the best bet when it comes to heavy items. Items such as books still need to be packed away, and yet a box can easily break with this weight. It's also rather difficult to carry, even with hand grips. Use a suitcase or even a laundry basket to move these heavy items. A suitcase on wheels is best.

Numbers and Colours

When everything has been packed into boxes, give each box a number and then note how many you have. This makes it very easy to see if anything has been left behind at any stage of the journey. You can also note just what each box contains and then give it a colour code, using a sticker or a felt tip pen. This allows for easy unloading. Red can be the living room, green can be the kitchen, blue can be the master bedroom, and so on. A blob of colour is easier to identify at a glance, rather than someone's scrawled handwriting.

Don't automatically get rid of your boxes after moving. Ask your friends, since someone else might be happy to take them off your hands.