Two Reasons Why People Use Self-Storage Facilities’ Services When They Move House

Here are a couple of reasons why people use self-storage facilities' services when they move to a new home.

To Store Items That Cannot Yet Be Safely Kept in Their New Home

One reason why people use storage units is because they need a place to store items that they cannot yet safely keep in their new home. For example, if a person has some extremely valuable artwork, and their new home does not yet have a security system installed and they need to wait several weeks for this installation to be carried out, then they might decide to keep their artwork in a storage unit until their new home's security system is in place.

This is because the average self-storage facility is very secure (much more so than a residential property with no security system). It will usually not only have a team of security staff who will monitor the comings and goings of people 24 hours a day via the property's CCTV system and by patrolling the facility, they will also have a high-quality commercial alarm system, as well as very secure units with commercial-grade doors and locks. As such, a person's artwork would be a lot safer in this environment than it would in their own home if that home doesn't have a security system.

To Store Items That They Don’t Need in Their New Home but That They May Need in the Future

A second reason why people will put items into storage after moving to a new house is that they don't require these items in their new home but are confident that they may need them in the future. For example, if a person has brought their own large bookcases with them from their previous place, but their new home already has built-in bookcases, and they know they'll probably be moving into another home at some point that won't have this furniture, they might decide to put their own bookcases into a storage unit. This would mean that they wouldn't need to squeeze them into their new home where they don't really need them or have to get rid of them and then replace them when the time comes to move again.

Similarly, if they own a lawnmower but their new home's exterior is paved with no grass that needs to be mowed, and they plan to move to another property that will have a lawn in the future, they might choose to keep their lawnmower in storage until their next house move.

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