How To Execute A Night Move

Although not so popular, night moves offer unmatched convenience compared to day moves. For instance, there is little activity in commercial and residential buildings; hence you can quickly move your furniture and electronics. Below is an extract with some tips and tricks for executing a night move. 

Choose a Suitable Removalist 

Not all removalists work at night. Therefore, you should point out that you intend to move at night as you hire the removalist. You should also assess the removalist's suitability. For instance, inquire about the number of employees they will deploy to your home or office. A larger crew helps reduce the time it takes to move. Then, ask whether the removalist provides complimentary services such as storage. It is especially so if you intend to keep your new home or office premises spacious. The removalist should also offer a reasonable quote and terms. For instance, they should have insurance coverage. 

Prepare the New Premises

It would be unfortunate if the new premises did not have lighting as you move. Moreover, imagine a case where the door lock malfunctioned once you arrived at your new house. You can avoid these surprises by visiting the premises and ensuring that all amenities are functional. Given that the removalist will work at night, it would be wise to secure parking space in advance. Moreover, identify risks such as slippery floors, narrow hallways, and obstacles that could cause accidents or damage your items as the removalist works. For instance, a fire hydrant along the driveway could trip or injure the removalists as they work.  

Consult Property Managers 

If you live on rented premises or intend to move into a rented property, it is wise to inform the property manager that you want to move at night. This way, the manager alerts residents to ensure they do not think the property is under attack. The manager also informs you of regulations that could affect your night move. For instance, you could be required to maintain low noise levels to ensure you do not disturb other people. Furthermore, the property manager will ask the security team to help 

Go over the Removals Plan 

Contact the removalist during the day and review the removals plan. For instance, inquire if there are any changes in the removalist's arrival time. Moreover, inform the removalist about any last-minute preparations. For example, you could ask them to bring extra cartons to pack children's supplies and snacks separately. Besides, check the weather and road conditions to determine if you will use the original route. 

When conducting a night move, choose a suitable removalist, prepare the new premises, consult property managers, and review the removal plan.  

For more information, contact a local furniture removal company.