Top Tips for Smooth Furniture Removal

If you plan to move houses in a few months, then you will need removalists services to help you with the process and particularly with the furniture. Unlike other belongings, furniture items can make moving quite cumbersome and stressful, mainly because they are bulky. This is especially the case if you have a big home. While the removalist services can help you in this area, it is essential to start early. This will save not only your time but also guarantee the safety of your furniture. Read on for tips on how to prepare for furniture removal. 

Disassemble Furniture — The first step to prepare for furniture removal is to disassemble all the pieces in your house. As mentioned before, furniture can be bulky, and this increases the number of square feet each item will occupy in the truck. If you have big pieces of furniture and do not disassemble them, then one truck may not be enough. You will need several, and that can be quite expensive. By dismantling the furniture in advance, you save space in the moving truck and prevent damage to the furniture because you do not have to drag your furniture on the floor. Moreover, it is easier and safer to load disassembled furniture on the moving truck. 

Keep Fasteners in Labelled Containers — Most furniture is held together with fasteners such as bolts and screws. During disassembly, it is easy to misplace or mix fasteners from the couch with those of the bed or dining table and chairs. If this happens, you will have a hard time assembling the furniture once you arrive at your new house. You can avoid such frustrations and time-wasting by simple organisational strategies. One approach is to store the furniture fastener in separate labelled containers. For instance, the bolts and screws from the living room couch should be stored in a container marked 'living room — big couch.' Those from the bed should be stored in another container and labelled 'bed.' Such organisation will go a long way in making the entire furniture removal process a breeze. 

Remove Door Stop Moulding — Most houses have moulding on the floor next to the wall that is designed to prevent the door from banging onto the wall. While the doorstop moulding is essential for protecting the door and the handle, it can be a nuisance during furniture removal. The reason is that the moulding does not allow the door to open fully, and this reduces the space required to get some furniture through. As such, it is advisable to remove the doorstop moulding first since doing son provides extra wiggle room, which might be all you need for smooth furniture removal.